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Naming and shaming, it’s the Australian way.

Just back from Garden City. I saw two pairs of fake tits while I was there! Fake tits are really rare in Perth IMO so I always get excited to witness these beauties. Both pairs were on mature age ladies, perhaps in their mid to late 40’s. The first pair I saw were beautifully round wrapped tightly by a sweater. The nipples also beautifully round, taught and highly pronounced. Most likely fake as well. Argh! it has me drooling as to what they might have looked like bare.

The second pair I caught a glimpse of was the unnatural separated cleavage of fake boobs. That gap, followed by the sudden, steep rise of fake breasts.

An honorable mention too, to this fabulous culo wrapped oh so tightly by spandex.

So, aside from some window shopping, some very good eye candy at Garden City


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