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I'm 26 from Perth Australia. The main content of my blog is beautiful women, cityscapes, luxury homes & designs, food, EDM and anything else I find amusing. As a personal blog I will also post my opinion on social issues, politics and religion as well as the occasional post on what the fuck I'm doing with my life.


You’d think that with 3 defenders closing down one guy, one of them would look around to see if there’s someone unmarked or making a run? Bad communication IMO

  • MICHAEL: Stanley, how about that hot picture you have by your desk, centerfold in the Catholic schoolgirl’s outfit, I mean it is hot, it is sexy, and it turns him on, and I will admit, best part of my morning staring at it but what, we’re just going to take it away?
  • STANLEY: That is my daughter, she goes to Catholic girls school. I’m taking it down right now.

Removing the shell and shit from prawns can be so much fucking effort especially when you’re really hungry. Worth it in the end though.

I think I am now talking to myself…

I am watching the football, sydney vs melbourne

*wonders what everyone else is doing*

BOOBS! I want to play with some